Sometimes I notice that there is a cloud surrounding us. A cloud filled with life’s busy, hurry, adventure and opportunities. An unintentional and hectic denseness of can’t miss this, gotta be there pressure.

I know I’m not alone. Any family with a child or children able to explore their many interests and going after their joy in life feels this cloud at times.

Life has been ebbing and flowing along as it should but still, really…our last post was just a week shy of TWO YEARS AGO. We started this project for a purpose, shes asked several times when we are going to do another post. It’s hard not to feel major mom guilt for dropping the ball here. Sure in that time we’ve been involved in girl scouts, shes’s bounced from gymnastics to cheer and now climbing but I can’t help but wonder where our hearts would be had we not let our blog get lost in the cloud.

To be honest sometime within the last year I woke one night late, got up and felt an overwhelming urge to write for us. This post flowed onto paper with ease… I went back to sleep. Many times it’s crossed my mind but until now it never got off the paper.

So here is to finding our mission again, learning to walk along side the cloud instead of staying lost in it’s haze.