Tackling the Abyss

The ten step process…you too can achieve this splendor!

Here we go again… This is an ongoing cycle with the girl. Weeks and months go by and then I realize we are wading knee deep to reach her bed at night. Okay, so maybe I notice and maybe knee deep is an exaggeration BUT with her strong spirit at the end of the day I pick and choose my battles so long as she’s safe…mostly. At a certain point I do start secretly hoping that natural consequences intervene and she steps on a barbie shoe.

Alas it gets to a point where her entire mood is heavy and angsty and Rawwwwr and then,,, I realize maybe the recent extreme emotions and always bothered attitude could be attributed to the abyss that has become her room. At that point we carve out time to tackle her room. This time my suggestion to make a list (free printable) and write a blog post about it was enough motivation for her to jump on board with the task. Here’s to hoping our list helps her stay on top of things and if they get a little out of sorts she has actionable directions to reel it back in. I will say this is the first room reboot with absolutely no fighting, no arguing and lots of laughing. It doesn’t get much better than that. Here is our list!

We are winging it with our blog here and of course forgot to photograph a couple of steps. Oh well..you know how to tidy books and take out trash, right?

Thanks for visiting and following us along to finding our way!

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