Mama’s Stash

Growing up my mama had a plethora of craft supplies, I remember going through her stash and finding bits and bobs to create with. I’d catch it later from her every time because I had definitely mixed all of her carefully organized drawers up, spilled beads everywhere, took every lid off each tote and unknowingly (or maybe knowingly) stolen the good scissors. These days I have my own mama stash, for now it’s carefully organized and secured in a stack of several very heavy vintage suitcases. Once in a while I do let the kids pick items to create with but it’s not as fun as going through my mama’s stash with wild abandon but I’m sure this will change once their tiny arms gain strength! For now Nina is already beginning to amass a stockpile of her own! For this project we again found some inspiration and have fallen in love with tassels (here is a great tutorial) then we just cracked open the jewelry and paint supply suitcases! We each picked our colors and painted our big wooden beads.



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