Learning new skills

Our adventure really began weeks ago. Before we discovered our blog title (a future post will reveal this magic), before I started learning how to set up and write a blog… I bought some thrift store shirts and more items for our project stash. Ya’ll know I’m a pinterest-aholic and my girl is turning into one too, we are starting to save ideas together! I gave her a few options to pick our first project and she chose a pretty embroidered shirt. We had the shirts to work with, matching jeans, gold belts, a ton of embroidery thread and needles so we were ready to go! I let her help pick out the patterns and thread color/placement then this Mama went with the picks that I felt confident could be done easily! My favorite stitch was the loopy Basque stitch. The handiwork isn’t perfect but it was fun to learn and collaborate together, I’m sure I’ll get more practice!

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