Curating a precious bond

As a mother you expect to bond instantly with each of your children. Before kids I imagined this bond would be an impenetrable force, stronger than diamonds and more amazing than fireworks. I found my lofty expectation, the one of unbreakable closeness to my offspring being never ending was really letting me down. My personal realization has been that, like in any relationship there are ebbs and flows, times that require specific attention and hard work to keep strong even with my own three children.

The creation of our blog, Black Taffy is specifically intended to help strengthen the connection I nurture with my daughter. I’m working on other ideas for my boys. I started brainstorming on how to create closeness, trust and more fun with her. What does she love? What exactly do I still enjoy? She loves fashion, but she marches to her own drum. I can relate, I was/am the same. WOW, I found a commonality. My daughter is crafty (like her mama) and always looking up DIY you tube videos and tutorials. I pitched the idea of our own DIY fashion blog to her, she loved it!

We will be posting about outfits and accessories we create together. I scoured the web for DIY mom and daughter outfit ideas, I couldn’t really find what I was looking for. I’m hoping to spread our ideas around that other mom, daughter duos will find inspiring. Maybe I can even find those moms who are already doing this, there has to be more! Most of all, even if no one ever reads our little bubble of the internet my greatest hope is for our bond to grow and flourish.


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  1. Lorie "Gran" Whittington

    How divinely inspirational, creative and special. Two beautiful souls woven together through DNA and Bond of Love unbreakable the umbilical cord was broken and one day the apron strings will be untied but the Bond you are building will last more than your life times. For you see, the seeds you sow this day will one day harvest in a land of plenty… and the beat of your hearts will forever grow on.

    I love you both dearly, Moma <3 <3 <3

    *Kudos to Tom for helping you girls with the site!

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